ARTICLE: Single-payer universal health care proposal, Denise Civiletti, Riverhead Local

By Denise Civiletti, March 26, 2019
Single-payer universal health care proposal: What will it mean to you?

April 2 forum in Riverhead will examine impacts of New York Health Act.

An informational forum on the proposed single-payer universal health care bills pending in Albany will be held in Riverhead on Tuesday, April 2.

The New York Health Act would provide comprehensive, universal health care coverage to all New Yorkers, paid for by the state. It would replace private insurance coverage in New York.

According to the legislative memorandum filed with the bill this year, every New York resident would be eligible to enroll, regardless of age, income, wealth, employment, or other status.

There would be no network restrictions, deductibles, or co-pays. The benefits will include comprehensive outpatient and inpatient medical care, long-term care, primary and preventive care, prescription drugs, laboratory tests, rehabilitative, dental, vision and hearing care….

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