ARTICLE: Senator Amedore Faces Second Challenger, Chris Rowley, Shawangunk Journal

By Chris Rowley, Sept 6, 2019

NEW YORK – Jeff Collins, best known as a founder of the Hudson Valley Sudbury School in Woodstock, has thrown his hat into the ring for the 46th District’s State Senate seat currently held by George Amedore. The election will be held in 2020, and Collins will face Michelle Hinchey for the Democratic party nomination. Collins currently sits on the Woodstock Zoning Board of Appeals.

The 46th District runs from Marbletown and High Falls, up to the outskirts of Albany, and then executes a westward hook up the Mohawk Valley to the outskirts of Herkimer. Kingston is the biggest population center....

Collins has made healthcare issues the centerpiece of his campaign. He says he will press for a “single-payer” system in New York State. Collins said, “We’re a large enough state that we can enact a single-payer system, and have that system be a test bed for the rest of the nation, and show what happens when we really believe that health insurance should value people over profits, and that health care really is a human right.” He has also added his support to the proposed New York Health Act, which would set up a single-payer option in the state....

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