ARTICLE: Rally Pushes Support for New York Health Act, Andrew Freeman, Spectrum (Rochester)

By Andrew Freeman, May 1, 2019

A rally took place in downtown Rochester Wednesday to drive support for legislation that would create universal health care statewide.

  • Dozens of Rochesterians rally for statewide universal health care
  • Supporters shared their personal stories
  • Bill will be up in a public forum in two weeks

And those that attended shared their stories related to health care. Kristin Reisch’s now 10-year-old daughter Anna was born with several chronic health conditions, including three heart defects.

“My daughter spent the first several years of her life in and out of hospitals, racking up before she was 7 months old half a million dollars in medical debt,” Reisch said.

Luckily they had employer health insurance, though Reisch says that was a privilege she knows not everyone in the state has.

And that’s what brought her to Washington Square Park Wednesday, to rally in support of the New York Health Act — legislation that would create universal health care in the state.

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