ARTICLE: Peter Diachun, running to pass single-payer health care, vows one term, Niagara Gazette

By Tim Fenster, Sept 2

For the first time in four years, Sen. Rob Ortt will face a challenger in his run for reelection, but his opponent's name won't be listed in the column for Democrats.

Peter Diachun, a retired chemist and political novice, is running on the Green Party line for the senate seat, and is running with a central goal: to pass single-payer health care throughout the state.

Diachun, 75, of Lewiston, said that if elected, he would serve only one term, and joked that he might leave early if he can cast a decisive vote to pass the New York Health Act.

The act would provide universal health care to every New Yorker, without premiums, deductibles or co-pays...

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