ARTICLE: Healthcare breaking the bank for school districts, Colleen Wilson, Rockland Westchester

By Colleen Wilson, Apr 15, 2019

As if crafting school district budgets in the tax-cap era wasn’t already a challenge, a new report has found that districts' health care costs are soaring — and they're not decreasing any time soon.

Since 2013-14, employee health care costs have risen almost 23% for New York's school districts, eclipsing the rates of inflation and state aid increases, according to the state Association of School Business Officials.

School systems in the Hudson Valley saw health care costs increase 8.6% from 2017 to 2018, the largest one-year regional increase in the state.

While health health care costs are growing nationally, they will be uniquely “unsustainable” for school districts, according to Michael Borges, executive director of the ASBO and an author of the study….

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