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April 27, 2019
BONAVENTURE, N.Y. — St. Bonaventure University is hosting a free public presentation Wednesday, by Dr. Leonard Rodberg on the economic costs and benefits of setting up a single-payer healthcare system for New York state.

The program is set for 7 p.m. in the Walsh Science Center Auditorium and will include time for questions from the audience.

Rodberg is professor of urban studies at Queens College/CUNY in New York City, where he has served on the faculty since 1981.

Rodberg has written and spoken extensively over the years about the American healthcare system, focusing most recently on the New York Health Act. His talk will address the most contentious issue surrounding the bill: its potential cost.

The New York Health Act has been approved by wide margins in the New York State Assembly for the last several years before stalling in the Republican-controlled State Senate. Now that the Democrats have a majority in the Senate, the bill has a stronger chance of being approved during the current legislative session.

If the bill passes, New York will become the first state in the nation to move toward implementation of a state single-payer system, making it a model for similar programs that could affect the entire nation.

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