Article: 2019 May Be the Year Single-Payer Health Care Passes in NY, Rewire News

Sep 27, 2018   Auditi Guha

“People want to see their ability to access health care not be tied to employment, or income level, or health status, or even immigration status or marital status."

Five New Yorkers die every day due to lack of health coverage, according to the Campaign for New York Health. More than a million New Yorkers lack health insurance, and millions more have plans that would bankrupt them in a medical emergency.

Enter single-payer health care, which would provide comprehensive health coverage for every one of New York’s 19.8 million residents.

... Studies have found that the NYHA would ensure “a system that covers everybody, offers better care, is less expensive as time goes on, but also one that has a more equitable distribution of funding,” Rivera said.

... People want to pay less for health care, he said. The issue is not where people send their checks but the fact that it will be a smaller bill.

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