Are your health insurance rates going up?


The health insurance industry is looking to raise premiums for individual plans sold on the New York health insurance exchange by an average of 17% next year. HealthNow New York wants to increase rates by almost 50%!

Meanwhile, CEO salaries continue to go up. In 2016: 

  • Excellus CEO Christopher Booth received $2.09 million 
  • HealthNow New York CEO David Anderson received $2.03 million


The rising costs of insurance demonstrate how the current healthcare system is designed to benefit a select few who continue to profit from our need for healthcare.

On the right, are the requested rate increases for individual plans. You can see a summary of the rate requests on the New York State website.

Have you been notified of a rate increase? Are you with one of the insurers requesting a rate increase? Share your story below.

State regulators can deny or modify the requests if they determine the proposals are excessive or unreasonable. A decision on the rate requests is expected in early August.

Healthcare is a human right! Our health should not be the source of wealth for a handful of greedy insurance executives. Please share below how these rate hikes will impact you.