How will we pay for the New York Health Act?


Many people assume expanding coverage will mean a more expensive system. But the reality is that there is so much waste, fraud, and profiteering in the current system, that moving to a universal, single-payer model actually costs less than the status quo for both the state and 90% of individuals. Below is a graph that shows the funding sources, as well as estimated costs to individuals by income bracket for the NY Health Act. These are based on conservative estimates from the RAND Corporation that savings compared to the current system is $11 billion. The bottom line is that not only is it a moral imperative to guarantee everyone access to care as a right and public good, it is fiscally conservative. We simply cannot afford not to have a single-payer system. 

For a deeper dive into the cost and savings of the system to the state and individuals, click here for our fact sheet.


Screen_Shot_2021-04-30_at_11.03.00_AM.png Screen_Shot_2021-04-30_at_11.02.53_AM.png

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