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    I keep hearing about massive tax hikes. Stop listening to insurance company and political nonsense. Insurance companies made 55 billion in profits last year. This did not include CEO Salaries in the range of 400 million per executive each year. Nor does it include the 15 cents on every dollar you pay for insurance that goes to advertising. Oh, and let’s not forget the salaries of the clerical workers in the insurance companies needed to wade through reams of paper work constructed to deny services. Most people will pay less than they pay now. Everything you’ve paid into that insurance you think so great is down the tubes the minute the end of the year comes anyway. Health care is a human right, and if I have to pay a little more to have everyone covered, I’m ok with that.

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    Write a Letter for Universal Healthcare

    As our lives are upended by this pandemic, one thing is clear: our healthcare system is failing to protect us. Coronavirus is laying bare the deep inequities of the current system: working-class people have struggled to access testing and Black, Indigenous, and communities of color face higher rates of death. Millions have lost their jobs and insurance, just when many of us will need it most. Because we lack a safety net, we face deep economic insecurity as our lives are upended. 

    We want to do everything we can to be stronger on the other side of this crisis than when we went into it. One way we can do this is by building public consensus that universal, single-payer healthcare must be a central part of the recovery from the pandemic.

    One of the most effective ways to communicate about the need to transform the healthcare system is by writing and submitting letters to the editor of our local media. Letters allow us to reach a wide audience, educate our communities, and inspire others to join the movement for healthcare for all. We also know that elected officials watch closely when their name is in print. With letters, we can let them know what we want them to do.

    Many letters in support of The New York Health Act and Medicare for All have already been published! Let's keep them coming!

    Here is a list of regional print and online news sources that accept submissions from readers and here are some tips for writing your letter from Dr. Sunny Aslam of the Physicians for a National Health Program Syracuse chapter. 

    Sign up below to get resources for writing and submitting a letter to the editor of your local paper. 
    A team of volunteers is available to help you with drafting, talking points, and sample letters.

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    Build the movement to WIN guaranteed healthcare for all of us!

    We are at a critical point in the campaign for the NY Health Act – universal, guaranteed healthcare!

    Healthcare costs are hurting everyone as more and more people struggle to get the care they need. This pandemic is affecting people in many different ways. In the face of this crisis, we must keep organizing for the healthcare we need. 

    The NY Health Act is the only plan that will cover everyone and guarantee high quality coverage – including long-term care – at a price we can all afford. To learn more about the NY Health Act, visit nyhcampaign.org/learn

    While the opposition is powerful, we have the people on our side. That's why we need you to pledge to build the movement in New York State at this critical time. We can do this!
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    I can text on the 15th, 23rd and 29th of March. Had a problem with the form, so please sign me up.

    Contact Us

    Interested in connecting with Campaign for New York Health organizers in your area? 

    Contact [email protected] to learn how you can help develop a local organizing team! Scroll to the bottom of this page to submit your inquiry to the Campaign for New York Health.



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    Donate to Support Healthcare Lobby Day 2018

    Help make our June 5th Healthcare is a Human Right Statewide Day of Action a success by donating to cover the costs of transportation. The Campaign for NY Health is coordinating transportation from around the state - we are renting buses, vans, and cars. 

    If you are planning on attending on June 5th, consider pitching in $25-50 dollars to covers the cost of the trip. Please give more if you can and help cover costs for those who cannot afford to pay. No one will be turned away for lack of funds for travel.

    Checks can be made and mailed to:

    Campaign for New York Health
    131 W 33rd St, 4th Floor
    New York, NY 10001