End of Session Calls for New York Health!

The state legislative session is coming to a close this week in Albany. We have exactly half of State Senators -- 31 -- cosponsoring The New York Health Act, up from 20 in the beginning of January. Together, we’ve made tremendous progress.



Can we get one more Senator on board and finish the session with a majority? On Tuesday June 20 and Wednesday June 21, we are FLOODING State Senate offices with calls in support of New York Health. 


See the bill sponsors here. You can look up your own Senator here or dial the NYS Senate Switchboard at (518) 455-2800. You will be asked to give your zip code and the operator will connect you to your Senator’s office.


Here is a sample script:


Hi, my name is ______ and I am a constituent. I urge the Senator to co-sponsor the NY Health Act S4840 to save New York billions of dollars and to save thousands of lives. If the bill doesn't come up for a vote this session, I expect the Senator to do the right thing next session and stand up for healthcare as a human right. Thank you! (you can also add why this issue is important to you personally.)


If your Senator is already a cosponsor, please say THANK YOU and ask that they promote the bill to their Republican Senate colleagues.


Please share anything you learn about your Senator’s position here: https://goo.gl/forms/BUtzZnNvia1UOY6P2


Our fight won’t stop when legislators go home for the summer. If you are attending upcoming local events, don’t forget to bring outreach materials about The New York Health Act, like this New York Health outreach flier and a Petition to the NYS Senatewhich can be found on the Outreach Resources section of the Campaign for New York Health website.  


Thank you for taking action for health care for all of us!



June 20, 2017 at 6:00pm - June 23, 2017
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