Week of Action: #CareNotCuts #InvestInOurNY

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We need #CareNotCuts! #InvestInOurNY! TAX THE RICH &  FUND HEALTHCARE!

Join healthcare advocates statewide virtually or in-person in NYC Monday, March 1 for a Statewide Week of Action in support of the Invest in Our NY Act. The Invest in Our NY Act will raise $50-70 billion by ending tax breaks on the super wealthy. All week, we will activate our statewide healthcare advocacy networks in support of budget justice and funding healthcare justice.

Ten years of austerity have been devastating for public health in New York. We have seen cuts to funding for public hospitals, cuts to funding for homecare for seniors and people with disabilities. We have seen the fragmented and privatized health system fail to protect essential workers, communities of color, and working families from COVID-19. Meanwhile, private insurance companies post record profits and New York’s billionaires have gotten richer during the pandemic. A bold response is needed to reverse the disinvestment and runaway inequality that are causing unnecessary suffering in our state. It’s time to put people first by making the wealthiest New Yorkers pay their fair share, and investing in the healthcare New Yorkers need.

SCHEDULE OVERVIEW below. Detailed descriptions at bottom.

Monday 3/1, 12:00pm-1:00pm
- Virtual Statewide Speakout: RSVP here
- In-person NYC Protest & Speakout in front of Cuomo's office (633 3rd Ave between 40th and 41st St): no RSVP, but please share widely the Facebook event page **masks and social distancing observed**
- Social Media Storm: This toolkit has sample tweets and posts you can use! Graphics too! bit.ly/CareNotCutsToolkitMarch2021
Monday 3/1, 6:00pm-8:00pm
- Virtual Phonebanking - no experience necessary! RSVP here.

Together, we can win budget justice and healthcare justice for all New Yorkers.

List of detailed demands are as follows: 

  • Pass the Invest in Our New York Tax Act - including Progressive Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Heirs’ Tax, Billionaires’ Tax, Corporate Tax, Wall Street Tax.
  • Stop the Cuts. End threats to cut Medicaid and 340B savings carveout.
  • Don’t stop ETE (Ending the Epidemic). Expand HASA (HIV/AIDS Services Administration) in New York State and protect long-term survivors and communities affected.
  • Release Statewide HCV (hepatitis C virus) Elimination Task Force recommendations and provide at least $5 million so we can eliminate viral hepatitis.
  • Keep your promise: Pass S5298A The Overdose Prevention Centers Act s
  • Prioritize people in prisons for vaccine rollout and free the incarcerated.
  • Keep the MTA open overnight. Stop criminalizing homelessness and end the investment of 500 additional cops in subways.
  • Cancel rent. Secure housing for all during a public health crisis.
  • End the use of police and military for disease prevention (including vaccine rollout in communities and the enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions). Communicable viruses are public health issues, not criminal ones. 
  • Remove the Medicaid global cap
  • Reverse the harmful cuts to Medicaid home care that were adopted in 2020
  • Invest in home care - build the home care workforce by increasing the pay of home care workers to at least 150% of the regional minimum wage.
  • Expand health coverage for immigrants and undocumented New Yorkers: A1585/S2549, A880/S1572
  • Guarantee universal, comprehensive healthcare for all: Pass the NY Health Act (Gottfried/Rivera)


*Monday March 1, 12:00pm-1:00pm VIRTUAL SPEAKOUT & SOCIAL MEDIA STORM*

Virtual: Invest in Our New York: Healthcare for the People Speak Out and Social Media Storm

We’ll hear from advocates from around the state who have been impacted by the healthcare crisis and join in a collective action to make the wealthiest pay their fair share.

RSVP to attend or to sign up to speak out about why you support taxing the rich to fund healthcare for all.

RSVP here to receive the Week of Action & Social Media toolkit.

*Monday March 1, 12:00pm-1:00pm NYC IN-PERSON ACTION*

In-person NYC action: Cuomo Cuts KillWHERE: 633 3rd Ave between 40th and 41st St.
TRAINS: 4,5,6,7 to Grand Central

**Please wear a mask/s and social distance at this and at all times in public**

This year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is proposing billions of dollars in cuts from AIDS programs, Medicaid, and other healthcare services while COVID-19 wreaks havoc across the state. Join us for an action led by ACT UP outside Gov. Cuomo's office to tell him that his cuts kill!

*Monday March 1, 6:00-8:00pm PHONEBANK*
Phonebank to Invest in Our NY and Fund Healthcare RSVP New callers welcome! Sign up to generate calls to NY legislators about taxing the rich and funding quality healthcare for all.