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The Health Care Rights and Access Survey is an outreach tool designed for engaging in people in conversations about healthcare experiences. The results of the statewide survey will be used to develop a report for New York State legislators during the 2019 legislative session. Below are the tools and materials you will need to use the Health Care Rights and Access Survey in outreach in your community. This questionnaire question can also be completed and shared online

The data and testimonials from this project will be used to create a report for the NYS State legislature in 2019 and to make the case for the urgent need for healthcare system that guarantees care as a right.

The materials below are designed to engage community in discussions about the healthcare system. The questionnaire can be done anonymously or respondents can agree to share their story publicly.

Would your organization like to partner on the Health Care Rights and Access Survey? Please email [email protected] 

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English Language Materials:
Health Care Rights and Access Survey (You will need several copies!)
Sample Outreach Script
Flyer - printable half page 

Spanish Materials:
Script Guión de encuesta para campaña de puerta a puerta (script)
Questionnaire - Encuesta para el acceso y los derechos del seguro médico
Flyer - Volantes


Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese) 


Multi-lingual volunteers are needed to help translate and proofread outreach materials. Sign up here: http://bit.ly/CNYHTranslations

We are continuously updating this page. Email [email protected] with questions or feedback. We would love your help improving these resources. Thank you to members of DSA, Metro Justice, and the Southern Maine Workers' Center for support developing materials.

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