3 Ways to Build the Movement to #PassNYHealth



Happy summer! The New York State legislature might be on vacation -- but that doesn’t mean we are! An amazing healthcare justice movement is on the rise, demanding Medicare for All and stopping the terrible bills proposed by Congressional Republicans. The coming months are critical to growing and strengthening our statewide movement for health care as a human right. 

3 ways to help build the movement to #PassNYHealth 

1. Donate to support our grassroots organizing work. The Campaign for New York Health is committed to local organizing that builds our movement for healthcare for all of us. Every week, we are distributing organizing materials, hosting events and trainings, and doing our best to support all the volunteer organizers stepping up to lead the fight in their communities.

2. Recruit your friends to support the Campaign for New York Health via social media. We post articles and action items everyday, like this radio debate between New York Health champion Assemblymember Dick Gottfried and the Empire Center’s Bill Hammond. (Who do you think wins this one?) 

3. Hit the streets! There a many ways to organize in your community to build support for universal health care. When the legislative session starts in January, we need our movement to be bigger, stronger, and ready to make the New York State Senate pass New York Health. Here's how you can help:

Request organizing materials to educate and organize in your community. You can print flyers and petitions right from the Campaign for New York Health website or you can also request organizing materials, like flyers and postcards to the Senate to use at community events (like parades, fairs, and parties!)

Recruit business owners to join the Business Owners for New York Health campaign. Let us know via the Campaign for NY Health volunteer page that you'd like to be part of the business outreach team. You can find useful printable materials for outreach to businesses in this Google folder.

Join an upcoming event or training. Base-Building Canvassing Trainings are being scheduled around the state. These trainings will prepare us to build our local movement for health care for all by listening to people's personal health care experiences and using those stories to invite them to join our work. If you'd like to organize a training in your area, contact [email protected]  Listen to the recording here of our conversation with the Southern Maine Workers’ Center about their inspiring Health Care is a Human Right base-building efforts.


Upcoming local events:
Monday, July 31, 2017 at 06:00 PM
St. Lucy's Church in Syracuse, NY
Syracuse Base-Building Canvassing Training
RSVP to this Event
Tuesday, August 1 5-7:30pm
Phonebanking to prepare for Buffalo Base Building Training 
49 Virginian Place.
Please RSVP here
Wednesday, August 9 at 7pm
New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA) 
617 Main St. 3rd Floor
Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 10:00 AM
Metro Justice in Rochester, NY
Rochester Base-Building Canvassing  Training
RSVP to this Event
Saturday, August 26, 2017 at 01:00 PM
Location TBA in Rosendale, NY
Hudson Valley Base-Building Canvassing Training
RSVP here!

Together, we can build a movement than can win!



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