Business Outreach Strategy Session: BOSS call

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In just the last three months of 2017, we achieved 75 additional business endorsements!!! Because of your dedicated work, we are currently at approximately 350 endorsing businesses.

Let’s strategize together on how to achieve at least 500 business endorsers by our June 5th Lobby Day!  Join our first official BOSS call (Business Outreach Strategy Session)! This is a monthly conference call with these general agenda points:

  1. Updates from the Campaign about Business Outreach efforts (statewide status report, new tools, etc)
  2. Volunteers share experiences, talking points and strategies about recruiting businesses
  3. Business owners share their perspective and tips for volunteers
  4. How do we recruit more volunteers to participate in business outreach?
  5. How do we further activate already-endorsing businesses?
  6. Q+A and discussion

Ideas we are especially wanting to discuss and develop with you:

  1. Business perspective video campaign via Onstack’s 60-second mobile phone video platform. How many can we collect by end of March?
  2. Launching the Window + Photo Project onto social media. We need more photos and testimonials from businesses before we launch. What does the launch look like? Who do we partner with?
  3. What are the Business Outreach goals for Lobby Day Tuesday June 5, 2018? Is it to have business owners speak at the rally or press conference? To be able to tell media that we have more than 1000 businesses endorsements statewide? To bring business owners to lobby target legislators? To create one-page business case studies with data from the newly updated Business Calculator? Etc.)


March 12, 2018 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Zoom Video Conference (join by computer or phone; video is optional)
YuLing Koh Hsu · · 646-325-7286

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