Betty Warrick, Youngstown

My name is Betty Warrick and I am 49 years old. I live in Youngstown. When I was a self-employed small business owner, I found it difficult and expensive to obtain health insurance through the Chamber of Commerce. I had trouble affording healthcare, especially prescription drugs and dental care. This problem became even more personal 12 years ago when my uninsured mother had a heart attack and could not get follow up care. Her delayed care created huge medical bills and made her health problems worse. I now run a small company in Niagara Falls with 18 employees.  Health Insurance costs have become prohibitively expensive for both my company and my employees. Although the company pays half the premiums and funds the very high deductible through an HRA, some of my employees pay as much as 20% of their income for family health coverage. I believe we need the New York Health Act so that healthcare can be accessible and affordable to everyone.

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