Come to Albany to #PassNYHealth & #EndMedicalDebt!

Please RSVP today:

We are closer than ever to passing the New York Health Act with majorities supporting the bill in the state legislature and many committed care champions fighting in the halls of state power. This beautiful movement has been building power across the state through strategic basebuilding. It is time to mobilize everyone in Albany together! 

Please save the date to join Campaign for New York Health and our statewide coalition in Albany Tuesday April 26. There will be buses statewide. We will be keeping an eye on the pandemic and will adjust safety protocols as necessary. 

Please RSVP today:

Every New Yorker deserves affordable, accessible, culturally competent, and comprehensive healthcare and to be free from the burden of medical costs. Our lives are on the line.

Join Campaign for NY Health, NY State Nurses Association, and statewide partners to rally to End Medical Debt and Pass the NY Health Act Tuesday, April 26th in Albany! Community groups, Labor, and legislators will march, rally, and speak in one voice to demand elected leaders prioritize achieving meaningful reforms to advance health justice before they go on recess on June 2 to campaign for re-election.

Please fill out the RSVP form no later than Monday April 18 if you are interested in joining us. Your response is necessary to help us determine the logistics of transportation and COVID-19 safety.

A campaign organizer will followup with you to confirm final transportation and COVID safety logistics so that you can take those details into consideration when confirming your attendance.

We are aware of the heightened safety/risk-sensitivity for people who are at high risk of COVID-19 (immunocompromised, live with chronic illness and/or disabled) in organizing shared transport.

This is a full day commitment. Tentative overvie schedule - subject to change!

10:00AM Arrive to Albany, pick up bagged lunch

10:45AM Short march

11:00AM Rally & Press conference

12:00pm Lunch/Pee/Fresh Air/Get Through Security

1:00pm Postcard Petition Delivery & Drop in visits to legislators

2:30pm Buses go back home

Transportation details from your region will be provided separately by the organization anchoring your region’s contingent. You will receive departure location, time, and method of transport no later than Thursday, April 21st.

Lunch will be provided. Dietary information will be collected during the final confirmation of your RSVP.

We look forward to winning the New York Health Act with you!

Invite your organization, members, friends, community!
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April 26, 2022 at 9:00am - 9pm

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