How does New York Health reduce costs?


New York Health reduces costs by cutting waste, not by denying care to patients. As proven in other countries, providing universal coverage is actually much cheaper since you aren’t paying for insurance companies’ marketing, claims denial departments, shareholder profits, or bloated CEO salaries. Also, when people have more access to care, they get treatments earlier before conditions worsen and become more costly. Even prescription medicine costs less, since the government could negotiate bulk prices.

In addition, doctors charge less when they don’t have to pay for extra staff to manage all the intricate billing that comes with private insurers. The cost of employing huge departments to handle all this red tape gets passed on to you, making everything more expensive. 

In fact, our government already spends MORE per person on healthcare just for the elderly and poor under Medicare and Medicaid than the Canadian government spends to provide healthcare for every citizen. 

NYH controls costs through:

  • Simplifying Paperwork: getting rid of the vast private insurance bureaucracy devoted to billing, coding, denying care, and reimbursing the same procedure at different rates
  • Reducing Wasteful Spending: your money won’t be diverted towards marketing, shareholder profits, or bloated CEO salaries.
  • An Ounce of Prevention: increasing access to preventive services and early intervention for everyone to avoid costly emergency room and hospitalization expenses.
  • Bulk Purchasing: buying drugs and medical supplies at lower, negotiated prices
  • A Bigger Pool: putting all New Yorkers in the same plan decreases costs since most people are healthy most of the time, offsetting the cost of providing care
  • Providing Care Where It’s Needed: hospitals and surgical centers can be located where they are needed, ambulances can go to the closest hospital, etc.
  • Simplifying Payments: annual budgets for health care facilities, rather than itemized reimbursements.

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