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    Health care is an issue that affects every single person in Monroe County. The other week I cared for a little girl in clinic whose performance in school had dramatically worsened since the divorce of her parents. She was acting out in class, she wasn’t able to do her work, and she was failing her exams. Her anxiety over the issue had become debilitating. Her pediatrician, teacher, and father were all on the same page: this girl needed to go to therapy. The problem? Despite being insured, her single father, who worked a full-time job, couldn’t afford the deductible. The problems our for-profit health care system imposes on our working poor and middle class are damning, and we often talk about this problem as if the children of those families somehow avoid any harm, despite being covered by the same insurance plan as the rest of their family. As someone who works at clinics in Rochester, I can tell you firsthand that our children are directly harmed by the for-profit actors in our system. This is just one example of that.

    The New York Health Act covers every New Yorker with no deductible and no copay, because we know these just get in the way of making our people healthy. It allows us health care providers to get back to the work of caring for our patients and away from aggressively arguing on the phone with for-profit health insurance companies over why a particular medication is indicated for a patient, even if it cuts into their profits.

    Share Your Healthcare Story

    In the face of the ongoing public health crisis, we must keep organizing for the healthcare we need.

    A central piece of the Campaign for NY Health strategy to win healthcare for all is uplifting the voices and leadership of New Yorkers who have been hurt by the existing pay-or-die healthcare system. Please share your healthcare story, and we will followup with you about ways to be more involved in the fight for guaranteed universal healthcare.

    • Did you or a loved get COVID? What happened? 
    • Has there been a time when you or a loved one needed healthcare but weren’t able to get it? Why? What happened? 
    • Are you a healthcare worker who has seen patients delay care due to cost or insurance barriers?  
    • Are you concerned about losing your union health benefits due to job loss or privatization?
    • Have you lost a job that provided you or your family with insurance coverage? 
    • Are you struggling with the high cost of medical bills or medical debt?

    Thank you for being part of the movement to win healthcare for all. 

    Share Your Story

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    Donate to Support Healthcare Lobby Day 2018

    Help make our June 5th Healthcare is a Human Right Statewide Day of Action a success by donating to cover the costs of transportation. The Campaign for NY Health is coordinating transportation from around the state - we are renting buses, vans, and cars. 

    If you are planning on attending on June 5th, consider pitching in $25-50 dollars to covers the cost of the trip. Please give more if you can and help cover costs for those who cannot afford to pay. No one will be turned away for lack of funds for travel.

    Checks can be made and mailed to:

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