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    Build the movement to WIN guaranteed healthcare for all of us!

    We are at a critical point in the campaign for the NY Health Act (A6058/S5474) – universal, guaranteed healthcare!

    Healthcare costs are hurting everyone as more and more people struggle to get the care they need. This pandemic is affecting people in many different ways.

    In the face of this crisis, we want to keep organizing for the healthcare we need. 

    The NY Health Act is the only plan that will cover everyone and guarantee high quality coverage – including long-term care – at a price we can all afford. To learn more about the NY Health Act, visit

    While the opposition is powerful, we have the people on our side. That's why we need you to pledge to build the movement in New York State at this critical time. We can do this!
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    I am fortunate to have excellent healthcare at the moment thanks to the Teamsters union. I spent 26-28 without health coverage while dealing with a chronic illness. Most people my age pay thousands in premiums with essentially no coverage short of catastrophic injury, and only after they shell out an additional several thousand dollars to hit their deductible. $200/month with essentially no coverage before a $7000 deductible is met IS NOT HEALTH COVERAGE.

    I have had friends stop seeing a therapist in the midst of a mental health crisis because the appointments were financially crippling. I have seen lives saved by proper union-negotiated health coverage. A life saving screening exam caught a disease early, a disease that would have gone unchecked without proper healthcare coverage and lead to needless death and/or poverty.

    Any reasonable person can see the lack of healthcare in the richest country in the world, the profits of insurance companies made by denying healthcare to patients, and the medical infrastructure in the rest of the developed world. The lack of coverage, bankruptcy, and profit statistics are available and appalling. This late in the game, anything short of healthcare as a human right is a moral failing. Everyone, regardless of anything, must be provided healthcare by a civilized society.

    Share Your Healthcare Story

    In the face of the ongoing public health crisis, we must keep organizing for the healthcare we need.

    A central piece of the Campaign for NY Health strategy to win healthcare for all is uplifting the voices and leadership of New Yorkers who have been hurt by the existing pay-or-die healthcare system. Please share your healthcare story, and we will followup with you about ways to be more involved in the fight for guaranteed universal healthcare.

    • Did you or a loved get COVID? What happened? 
    • Has there been a time when you or a loved one needed healthcare but weren’t able to get it? Why? What happened? 
    • Are you a healthcare worker who has seen patients delay care due to cost or insurance barriers?  
    • Are you concerned about losing your union health benefits due to job loss or privatization?
    • Have you lost a job that provided you or your family with insurance coverage? 
    • Are you struggling with the high cost of medical bills or medical debt?

    Thank you for being part of the movement to win healthcare for all. 

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