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    My partner and I have private health insurance through his job. However, our deductible is 8K, our out-of-pocket is 14,900K. Recently, we were charged 2.5K just for my husbands colonoscopy, which is a basic necessary procedure because he has Ulcerative Colitis, and is in a really bad flare. We argued with our insurance company for 5 hours to make sure this procedure would be covered – eventually they said it would, but we still got a bill for 2.5K. He is now going on immunosuppressants, which cost about 8-10K per month / per infusion. Our insurance will cover 40% of the cost, not to mention all the co-pays for specialists visits. We’re going to be on the hook for thousands and thousands of dollars. We’re going to be dipping into our savings, and going into medical debt, just to get necessary medication for his chronic condition. Not to mention, we will need to fight with insurance to get them to even cover the medication he wants to take. The decision on what medication to take, should be between you and your doctor, not you and your insurance company. When I look at how little our insurance actually covers, even with a $600/month premium each… I ask myself, what are we paying for??

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    In the face of the ongoing public health crisis, we must keep organizing for the healthcare we need.

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    • Did you or a loved get COVID? What happened? 
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    • Are you concerned about losing your union health benefits due to job loss or privatization?
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    Thanks to the grassroots movement across the state, the New York Health Act has majority support in both state Assembly and the state Senate. Public support has never been higher. For-profit private insurance companies are spending millions of lobbying dollars to kill universal healthcare legislation at the state and national level. They are making record profits off the suffering during a global pandemic. They have the money, but we have the people.

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