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    Build the movement to WIN guaranteed healthcare for all of us!

    We are at a critical point in the campaign for the NY Health Act (A6058/S5474) – universal, guaranteed healthcare!

    Healthcare costs are hurting everyone as more and more people struggle to get the care they need. This pandemic is affecting people in many different ways.

    In the face of this crisis, we want to keep organizing for the healthcare we need. 

    The NY Health Act is the only plan that will cover everyone and guarantee high quality coverage – including long-term care – at a price we can all afford. To learn more about the NY Health Act, visit

    While the opposition is powerful, we have the people on our side. That's why we need you to pledge to build the movement in New York State at this critical time. We can do this!
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    My name is Mandy Berghela, and I am the Capital Region Field Organizer for New York Youth Climate Leaders (NY2CL) , and our coalition of youth advocating for environmental justice and a quality single-payer healthcare system would be very interested in learning more about the New York Health Campaign updates, and I, personally, would love to be a representative from NY2CL. Please contact me for more information about our coalition as a whole, and we have the New York Health Care Act as one of our policy platforms which can be found on

    Thank you,

    Mandy Berghela

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