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    Outreach Canvassing Sign Up

    The Campaign for New York Health is seeking volunteer organizers to implement a critical piece of our movement building strategy: outreach.

    Through one-on-one Outreach Canvassing throughout the state using the New York Health Access Survey, we are connecting with the non-activists in our communities, inviting them into the fight for universal health care, and we are documenting the ways that New Yorkers struggle with financial barriers to care. 

    Please sign up below to volunteer for Outreach Canvassing in your community and consider stepping up to be an Outreach Canvassing Team leader!

    Outreach Canvassing materials can be found here: http://www.nyhcampaign.org/canvassing

    Preparing for Outreach Canvassing: Check the Calendar for an upcoming training or review the following video trainings:

    Outreach Canvassing Team Leader Responsibilities:

    - completes a Base Building and Canvassing Training in person or virtually.
    - understands the role of the survey and canvassing to building a base of support for New York Health.
    - schedules outreach canvassing day and identifies geographic turf for door to door canvassing
    - works with the Regional Coordinator and the Campaign for NY Health to recruit canvassers to participate in canvassing days
    - commits to preparing organizing materials for other volunteers (scripts, surveys, petitions, half sheet fliers) 
    - commits to submitting canvassing results to Campaign for NY Health

    Do not hesitate to contact [email protected] with questions or ideas on how to use the Health Access Survey in your community. 

    Once you fill out this page, you will receive an email with materials and you will be taken to a page to register your Outreach Canvassing event. Thank you for stepping up! 

    Become a volunteer