Press Conference Demanding Universal Healthcare in 2022 #PassNYHealth #Coverage4All #EndMedicalDebt



UPDATE: This press conference is no longer in-person. This press conference is now VIRTUAL ONLY.

Wednesday 1/26, 9:00am-9:30am, healthcare advocates and legislators are holding a virtual press conference in support of healthcare priorities for the 2022 session: passing Coverage 4 All, the Ending Medical Debt bills, and the NY Health Act. We will also publish a letter signed by more than 200 organizations statewide. Our movement is growing in power, and it has never been more urgent that we come together to demand the humane healthcare system we deserve.

  1. Watch and share out the livestream at 9:00am of the virtual press conference at the Campaign for NY Health Facebook account:
  2. Use the social media toolkit to amplify the press conference message and sign-on letter!
  3. Contact your lawmakers with the action tool to make sure they know New Yorkers statewide need them to pass Coverage 4 All, End Medical Debt and pass the NY Health Act in 2022. Our mental, physical and financial health depend on it!

The past two years of the global pandemic have shown what we have long known: that our current system is deeply inadequate to meet our healthcare needs. 

We need to ensure that every single New Yorker is free from the burden of medical costs and has guaranteed health coverage. That means meeting immediate needs, and transforming our healthcare system to ensure that healthcare is universal, guaranteed, and comprehensive for all.

Advocates and elected leaders will call on Governor Hochul and Legislative Leaders to pass three critical measures this session:

  • Pass Coverage 4 All (A880/S1572) to be included in the NYS Budget
    • Funds expansion of Essential Plan health insurance coverage to include immigrant and undocumented communities
  • Pass the End Medical Debt package of bills by end of session (not budget bills)
    • A6474A/S5724A prevents already unaffordable medical bills from increasing through high interest rates ; A7363/S6522 stops hospitals from placing liens on patients' homes or garnishing wages; A3470A/S2521A implements transparency around hospital facility fees often obscured by hospitals and insurance corporations.
  • Pass the NY Health Act by end of session (not budget bill until it is passed based on its human rights principles; then it becomes a budget bill in the following session)
    • Implements systemic long-term change to guarantee universal, comprehensive healthcare to everyone who lives or works in New York. Also save NY State billions of dollars. We know that people WITH insurance, still can't get the care they need. We must #PassNYHealth for systemic and sustainable transformation of healthcare.

New Yorkers are experiencing a healthcare crisis unlike ever before - tens of thousands of new COVID cases each day, mounting medical debt burdening working families, healthcare workforces being pushed beyond their limits, and thousands of residents uninsured or underinsured. The state legislature must pass the Coverage 4 All in the budget to give immediate relief to some of our most vulnerable communities, and must pass the End Medical Debt bills to stop predatory medical debt practices, and pass the New York Health Act by the end of this legislative session to transform our healthcare system to guarantee universal coverage as a right to all New Yorkers.

January 26, 2022 at 9:00am - 9:30am
UPDATE: Virtual - no longer in-person
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