Social Media Storm Wed. 1/12: Health Justice Checklist 2022

1. See our statement in response to Gov. Hochul’s State of the State on the Campaign for NY Health website.

2. Use this action tool Wednesday, January 12, 12:00pm-1:00pm, to automatically email and tweet the Governor, Leadership and your local legislators. Make sure lawmakers know New Yorkers statewide want effective and comprehensive solutions to our public health crises, not just stopgap patches or simply expanding health insurance coverage.

3. Share out this tweet and Facebook post today. Consider adding your healthcare story, why you fight for healthcare as a right, or who you are fighting for.

4. After you have contacted your lawmakers, use this toolkit with sample social media posts and graphics to help amplify our campaign message and invite others to join.


We applaud the Governor starting the legislative session by declaring racism is a public health crisis - that New York must address the public health crisis “head on” by “addressing racism, expanding equity, and improving access for all." 

However, proposals in the Governor's State of the State fall short of the deep systemic changes needed. 

During the next three months, lawmakers will be debating and negotiating the 2022-2023 budget and it’s up to us to make our voices heard in support of a budget that strengthens the public health system and moves our state toward universal coverage:

  • ending the artificially imposed Medicaid cap in order to fully fund this essential public health program #ScrapTheCap
  • passing Coverage 4 All to provide healthcare coverage to immigrant and undocumented communities #Coverage4All
  • ensuring fair pay for homecare workers, most of whom are women of color,  in order to grow the homecare workforce and meet outstanding patient need #FairPay4HomeCare
  • committing to ending medical debt, repairing the harm caused by our predatory healthcare system to the state’s most vulnerable communities #EndMedicalDebt
  • passing the New York Health Act, which would guarantee healthcare free at the point of service to everyone who lives or works in New York State, and save NYS billions of dollars #PassNYHealth

Take action for health justice: Tell Governor Hochul and New York State legislators that you want them to prioritize healthcare justice and passing the New York Health Act in 2022. Use this action tool to automatically email and tweet the Governor, Leadership and your local legislators. 

Please join collective action Wednesday January 12th for a state budget that puts people first.

January 12, 2022 at 12:00pm - 1pm