Business Outreach Toolkit

Business Outreach Toolkit 
  • Business Outreach Volunteer Pledge Form: let us know how you want to support the business outreach initiative or look for ideas on how you can help! Submit thoughts about the Business Outreach Toolkit and/or the Business Outreach initiative in general: what resources are missing, what questions you want answered, what would help you get out there canvassing businesses, what you love about the toolkit, etc.
  • Some of these may be useful to have when canvassing businesses:

  • Business Canvassing Report Back Form Filling this out allows us to identify potential allies and enthusiastic businesses that we can activate further, helps us be able to share the lessons learned with other teams, and helps us understand how to provide the best resources for everyone participating.

  • Resources from Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point

  • Webinar Training: Outreach to Businesses 9/27/17 (start at 1 min 50 second mark)

  • TBD NYHA Calculator

  • TBD Business Calculator Worksheet

  • TBD Slideshow to present to business owners

Other and more resources available on the Organizing Resources page.

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